Why Isn’t Anyone Visiting Your Website? 5 Reasons Why Nobody Cares

Why Isn't Anyone Visiting Your Website? 5 Reasons Why Nobody Cares

It’s not that they don’t care. It’s just that they don’t like you!
It’s probably both of those things, actually. Those sentiments resulted in very little love from the interwebs last month, as your statistics clearly showed. You got 5 hits a day, maybe. And you know at least three of those were from your mom. So, what’s the deal? Why isn’t anyone visiting your website?
1. You love keywords.
You love them too much. You know who doesn’t love keywords? Your potential customer. They love real human speak from real human people. It is ill-advised to write your website copy with only search engines in mind. Even if you do rank, what will happen when people land on your page? They will bounce, will they not? Your content should always be written for your customers first, and then for the Google bots.

2. You have no presence.
No time for the Facebook? You don’t fancy the twitter machine? That’s fine. You don’t have to do both, but you have to do something. Especially if your audience is your local community. [Source]

3. You are not blogging.
If you are blogging, you aren’t doing it enough. Companies that blog just 4 times a month experience 800 more monthly site visits than companies that blog just 2 times per month. Also, blog posts are a great way to increase the number of indexed pages on your site. When a website exceeds 300 indexed pages, traffic generation increases by 236%. [Source]

4. You look sketchy.
Visiting your website is the real world equivalent of accepting candy from a stranger in an eight passenger van. With no seats. Am I going to need a tetanus shot after this? None of the calloused souls browsing the internet today are going to be naive enough to take your candy, stranger man. To see if your website is perceived as trustworthy, try using mywot.com or a similar trust-rating tool. [Source]

5. Your nephew built your website.
That’s great! How much money did you save?! Good websites don’t come cheap. Make sure your website is clean, crisp, and easy to navigate- even if it means investing the extra capital. You won’t regret it. [Source]

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The floor is open. What are some other reasons for lack of website traffic?


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