August Wolf

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AboutThe Client

Augustwolf is the work and alter-identity of Douglas Wolf Reid. Doug has been creating original productions since he was a young boy and he recently completed his 2000th video production that covers a range of film, video and audio solutions for entertainment and many business sectors. What does that kind of experience mean? It means that Augustwolf as a resource is rich with solutions that work. Even though productions vary from children’s education, healthcare, finance, retail, heavy industry, brand marketing and advertising to pure entertainment, all Augustwolf Productions are notable for their high-quality, creativity and integrity. Augustwolf can provide all stages of audio and visual production, from research and development to integration, direction and production. Augustwolf films are usually designed to last for years and be repurposed in many forms.


About this project

Doug was interested in having a complete modern website with a unique look and feel and responsiveness. He was very co-operative in terms of giving valuable feedback about his liking’s.